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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Remount of THE WALK!

Yes, it's true! Our Fringe show was such a success that we got invited to produce it at the Natalie Stern Studio Theatre, in Ottawa (Westboro), on the first two weekends of February 2012. A run of six shows: Feb. 3-5 and Feb. 10-12.

We have recast three roles because some cast members were sadly unavailable for the remount. Brie Barker has stepped in to play Peter. Rachel Eugster will be Sister Catherine Anne, and Lori Jean Hodge will be Stephanie. All three are seasoned actors, and our passionate director, Natalie, is excited to be working with them.

Having a few Equity actors on board will definitely challenge our budget. But we're gearing up our fundraising efforts, and opening to the bounty of the universe. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Our amazing graphic designer, Sergio Diaz, is back and full of enthusiasm. He did a fantastic job on our Fringe program and handbills. Sergio moved to Canada from Colombia only a few months ago with his young family. He's working hard on his English, but he's bursting with marketing ideas and is such a delight to work with.

Great things are coming. Stay tuned!

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  1. Sounds fabulous. It's wonderful of you to tackle such a horrific and pertinent issue. Hope that I can get to one of these performances in February.

    Keep up the great work.